Using React Context Hooks For Data-Heavy Apps

I build a lot of mini data-heavy React apps, so I wanted to share my basic architecture. The apps I work on typically have a small number of different REST API calls usually with several parameters that can be changed to query the data set. This might not work for everyone, and I’m not sure […]

New Blog Front End Using GatsbyJS

If you visit this site often, you might have noticed a layout change this week. I rebuilt the front end of my blog in ReactJS and GatsbyJS. I’ve been wanting to rebuild the front end of the site for a while now, and I didn’t want to start a new project in PHP and try […]

React Context API: Multiple Consumer and Providers

With React’s Context API you are able to use multiple Providers and Consumers using different context instances. This could be useful if you want to separate different data models into distinct parts of your app. For example, you could have a data context and a table context. One context instance could be used to control […]

React Context API: Three Way Light Switch

In the Way Too Simple Context API example, we made a simple light switch. This post will show why flux, the single source of truth, and Context API are really useful. The last post had just two components (not counting the App component): a light switch and light bulb. Here we are going to add […]

A Way Too Simple React Context API Example

React’s Context API is convenient built-in state management for React Projects. It has it’s advantages and disadvantages over a library like Redux for sending props and changing the app’s state. I’m going to focus on the advantages of using Context API and getting an overly simple example to work. The example in this post only […]

My Dead Simple Redux Example

If you are here, I assume you are banging your head against the wall trying to figure out Redux for a React project. If you are looking for a quick start for a React project that has Redux already setup then this is a good boilerplate: But you are probably still a little confused […]

Make a HTML Table with jQuery

For a project I was working on, I needed a quick, simple solution to make a dynamic table based on data sent back from an AJAX call. I used jQuery to build and manipulate the table HTML, since it was quick to use jQuery and it’s already in my project. After considering a few different […]